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On 5th January, Mr Tasker ran a Science class for his Year 10 group on the human heart. The class used the iPads to look at Google Expeditions with a full 360° tour of the heart and its functions. Mr Tasker was able to pinpoint parts of the heart to show students and describe what they were seeing on the iPads.

This was a fantastic use of emerging technologies using Google Expeditions. The students really liked using the iPads to visualise the heart. They said “It was a fun lesson and it did help me visualise the heart in my head and definitely helped” and the class really enjoyed using iPads with Expeditions.

We hope to run many more of these sessions in all of the subjects in school once Google have run our Google Expeditions
session on 19th January. Watch this space for a full write-up on this experience in the next edition of the newsletter!

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