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On 19th January, the students of Year 7 and Year 8 took part in Google Expeditions. Representatives from Google visited Culcheth High School with 60 cardboard Virtual Reality headsets to run the all-day event. Students in English, Maths, Science, Design Technology, RE and Art experienced some fantastic tours such as an in-depth journey around the Taj Mahal with RE, a studio tour with Art and a trek to the top of Mount Everest with English. In total, we did eight variations of tours, specific to subjects, with worksheets and lesson plans so that the students could go back to the class and discuss what they had seen and produce some work based on this.

All of the students were wowed by the technology available and loved their tours! When they completed feedback for the Lights and Sets Tour in Art they said “Well it was quite interesting. I enjoyed finding out about the stage and sets”. When asked about the Great Wall of China Tour in Maths, they enthused, “It was filled with information”.

Overall, all students thoroughly enjoyed their expedition experience and it gave them a new perspective into learning in their class. We hope to take this technology and develop this further into the classroom in the future.

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