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In a year of considerable change and challenge for all students nationally, Culcheth High School is delighted that very high standards in rigorous GCSE subjects have been maintained:

– English Language 79%     A*- C
– English Literature 83%     A*- C
– Mathematics 80%     A*- C
– Biology, Chemistry and Physics 64%     A*- A

Individually, students have exceeded expectations in many subjects. Some notable examples of very high achievements include:

Grace Bedford 2A*, 8A, 1B
Katie Best 5A*, 7A
Sachin Bhandari 5A*, 6A
Andrew Briggs 6A*, 6A, 1B
Robert Dykes 3A*, 6A, 3B
Tom Fairfax 6A*, 5A
Catriona Harrison 6A*, 5A, A*Distinction in Further Maths
India Heywood 7*, 5A
Laura O’Malley 4*, 5A, 2B
David Richardson 4A*, 6A, 2B
Andrew Slattery A* in A Level MathsA in A Level Further Maths
A in AS Maths
8A*, 2A, 1B (GCSE)
Rachel Stott 7A*, 3A, 1B
Hannah Wanstall 5A*, 4A, 2B, 1C
Alison Wilshaw 3A*, 9A

We are very proud as a school of the superb achievements of our students, their hard work and dedication. Even more impressive is that their success has been achieved against a multitude of national changes to GCSEs, syllabi and methods of assessment.

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