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The refugee crisis has been widely publicised in the media; both positively and negatively. At Culcheth High School, this made us realise just how lucky we are! Mrs Woolley, Mrs Shaw and I were really keen to do something to help. We advertised for a student committee to come up with ideas on how we could help – we had over 30 students turn up to take part!

A number of students were involved in the planning and organisation of fund-raising events in aid of the current refugee crisis. The students gave up their lunch time to discuss the important role that Culcheth High School could play in helping those in need during this difficult time. Lots of ideas were suggested, with the “own clothes day” being the most effective to organise quickly. Jodie Sampson, Year 10, played a key role in advertising the “own clothes day” around school. Below, she explains why she wanted to be involved:

“There are many reasons why I decided to participate in fund-raising for charities such as Save the Children and The Red Cross. I decided to join in with fund-raising because the project aims to help innocent people who are in danger. Also, all of the money raised goes towards helping vulnerable people who are suffering. Collectively, we believed that Culcheth High School could help to protect families and provide them with resources that could hopefully make their lives better”.

The day turned out to be a HUGE success, with £2005 being raised! This is such a fantastic achievement for the students and staff at Culcheth High School and I am so very proud to have worked alongside such kind, caring and passionate students. It was decided by students that the money raised will be spilt 50/50 between The Red Cross and Christian Aid – both of which are fantastic charities that are playing a vital role in providing refugees with shelter and resources to make their very unsettled lives a little more comfortable.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all students and staff at Culcheth High School for contributing to this great cause! This is not the end, and some more fund-raising events will be organised next term!

Miss J Lomax, Teacher of RE

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