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Over the last few weeks, our fantastic Year 10 GCSE Drama students have been learning about Extremism and Radicalisation
and the different forms this can take e.g. far right, animal rights, environmentalists. To increase awareness and knowledge of this amongst our Key Stage 3 students, the group put together a brilliant and thought-provoking performance which was delivered to Year 7, 8 and 9 students through assemblies. This was then followed up in lesson with discussion and tasks.

The Year 10 GCSE group were inspired and excited by the challenge of delivering an educational performance about such an
important topic in today’s society.

Our Key Stage 3 students gained an increased awareness about the types of extremism and I have included some of their
comments below:

“We shouldn’t judge people for where they come from”
“It’s not just about religion”
“Everyone is equal”

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