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This science lecture was a great trip that informed us and involved us. It was a really great speech that made a lot of people think twice about their future jobs. The lecturer was a really good speaker who talked about his profession and what he does for a living. He had a whole slideshow prepared that explained what was going on and what the images were of.
Included in the slideshow was a quiz for us and some slides where we had to find planets, asteroids and galaxies. They were challenging but also enjoyable for all of us.

A lot of people think that science is just about experiments, however, a lot of what astronomers do is observe with the naked eye, telescopes and satellites. At the end of the lecture, we got told that if we saw anything moving differently in the sky, we should report it and it may be a new scientific discovery.

This trip was a really good one, one that was worth going to and hopefully next year’s Year 9 will get to experience it. Special thanks go to the Rotary Club whose involvement meant that we could go free of charge.
Charlotte Chambers 9T

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