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Summer Examinations

GCSE examinations (Year 11)

Statement of Entry

All students will receive a Statement of Entry with their exam timetable from school, prior to their examinations in Summer, indicating the subjects they are being entered for and the levels of entry where applicable. Students must check all this information is correct.

Students must check all other information on their Statement of Entry very carefully, in particular, personal details (date of birth, spelling of names) as these will appear on the final certificates. If changes to names are required after certificates have been issued the Examination Boards make a charge of approximately £40 for which the student is responsible.

Students will receive a letter from the Examinations Officer with their Statement of Entry and exam timetable. The letter will include information regarding conduct in examinations; uniform and behaviour; equipment/electronic equipment and personal belongings. It is extremely important students read this information before their examinations commence.

Students are advised to read the JCQ regulations “Information for Candidates” before they sit any examinations.  Mobile phones; MP3’s; smartwatches, Fitbit's, wristwatches, rough notes, iPod’s, calculators in a non-calculator exam etc. are not allowed into the Examination Room.  Failure to observe the rules can result in disqualification from one or more examinations.

Warning and Notice to Candidates

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