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As Research Lead, it is crucial that I continue to engage with research to gain a better understanding of ‘what works’ when
thinking about how best to support our students in making progress. We are beginning to develop an understanding of the
fundamental things that help students to learn. This is very much based around the ‘science of learning’. Whilst it is crucial that as a teaching staff, we can develop our knowledge and expertise in evidence based practice to inform teaching and learning in our classrooms, it is also important that students can gain a much better insight into practical, evidence based strategies that will effectively aid their revision at this very intense and particularly stressful time in their education. It is commonly known that students do not often have a good knowledge and understanding of the best strategies for revision and therefore, often resort to ‘rereading’ notes and ‘highlighting’ key information. There is a range of evidence readily available that tells us that there are strategies that are considered far more effective than the aforementioned.

Our Year 11 students are currently undertaking a ‘revision strategies’ programme that is based explicitly on evidence to ensure that all strategies are effective in helping students to commit knowledge to long-term memory. With thanks to ‘The Learning
Scientists’, we have been able to provide students with some core principles and practical examples of effective revision strategies.

The programme has been lead by Year 11 tutors, where students are ‘taught’ the strategy and then given time to produce
revision resources putting one of the particular skills into practice.  We hope that this programme will build students’ confidence when completing study independently so that they can be sure that they are practising in a way that is purposeful and effective.

For more information of how best to study, including videos of how each strategy works, please visit for an array of information and resources designed for students, parents and teachers.

Miss J Lomax, Teacher of RE and Research Lead

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