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New build 2010

In August 2010, Culcheth High School opened in a brand new £23m building.  We are already very environmentally-friendly.

Did you know:

  • We have automatic Lighting – on / off, light levels, CO2monitoring and adjustment
  • Rainwater harvesting from roof, underground tanks, filtered and piped back into school toilets
  • Biomass woodchip heating boilers
  • Travel plan including storage for 90 bicycles
  • Multiple users of building: CHS, Sure Start, Leisure Warrington, Grace Fellowship Church, Local Primary Schools, Operatic Societies, Amateur Dramatic Societies

In fact, a typical existing building scores 94 on their Energy Performance Certificate. The average ‘new build’ scores 49.

Culcheth High School scored 28 – so we are now rated in the top 3% of schools in the country for energy efficiency!

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