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What did CHS students do to support our Eco-Friendliness?

›Audit – what do we already do? (e.g. pollution/ recycling/impact of human activities on the environment in BTEC Science at KS4, cross-curricula Science/Technology ‘Chester Zoo’ & ‘Blue Planet’ projects, Citizenship/PSHE activities)

›Created an ‘Action Plan’ – taking what we already do and developing and adding more (see Action Plan resource

 ›Set up an ‘Eco-Schools Committee’ consisting of existing STEM Club students – rolled out to other students since 2011.

›Highlighted requirements of Bronze and Silver Eco-Schools award status (these were achieved in 2012)

›Organised events and activities to tie-in with other existing extra-curricula activities (such as Science & Engineering Week, Grow Your Money, etc..)

›Created an ‘Eco-Schools Noticeboard’ and developed an ‘Eco-Code’ for CHS to follow.

›Encouraged community links (e.g. Primary liaison, WBC links)

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