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The whole of Year 10 were recently lucky enough to experience the novel, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, being performed in the school hall by a company of actors from Manchester, called the ManACTCo.

This performance allowed us to witness the characters and their behaviours in the novel before our own eyes and experience
the story as if we were living it ourselves. It helped with our GCSE studies of the novel by Stevenson because it furthered our knowledge and understanding of the novel and has been used to extend our understanding of the story and characters in lesson and will be invaluable when sitting exams in Y11.

At the end of the performance, the actors took on the roles of their characters and did hot-seating in which they answered
questions fired by the Year 10 students. This allowed us to find out information about the characters from people who have studied them in-depth and see the way the characters reacted in certain situations depending on the questions we asked.

Overall, it was a really beneficial experience for us that we all enjoyed and will help with our studies in the future.

Gemma Kubiena,

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