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When I became interested in using old videogames consoles, such as Nintendo’s Game Boy, to make electronic “Chiptune” music a few years ago, I never thought I would end up on national news talking about it! As an enthusiast and evangelist of both old and new technology, the draw of modifying the hardware and using the sound chips inside to make music was instantly appealing and I have been hooked ever since. It has made me friends all over the world and given me opportunities to do things I wouldn’t have expected when I started out.

In the last few months I have performed live at a show in London, had my hardware modifications featured on gaming websites and been asked to run a workshop at a festival later in the year. On 12th May I received a message asking if I wanted to appear on Sky News as part of their “Swipe” technology programme. Three days later and I was included at the top of a feature about Chiptune music on a prime time news programme. It’s been a surreal but very exciting experience.

As a teacher of Technology it’s great to be able to lead by example and show our students that if you care about something, you can do something special with it. The article is available to view at if you’re interested, or search for Sky News Swipe Chiptune on YouTube.

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