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Careers Staff

  • Mrs L Quicler

Careers Pupose of study

The aim of CEIAG is to raise our students’ aspirations, creating a growth mind set and broadening their horizons.  Through this we aim to empower them to make informed, realistic decisions at all key transition points in learning and work.  The role of the lead teacher (Mrs L Quicler) and the careers advisor (Mrs R Morris) is to assist all of our students with their career learning, planning and development by managing and delivering Careers and Education Information, Advice and Guidance within Culcheth High School.

Careers Aims

  • Build self- confidence and self-reliance.
  • Have a positive and informed attitude to learning.
  • Make sustained progress.
  • Open new doorways and pathways to learning.
  • Avoid dropping out of education before the age of 18

Careers Attainment targets

The aim of the CEIAG programme is to ensure all students leave CHS with the information and skills necessary to go onto further a suitable and successful education or training programme until the age of 18 as per Government guidelines.

The above content has been taken from The National Curriculum in England – December 2014

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