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Wednesday 12th July 2017 saw the school hold its annual awards event: Celebration Evening! Before entering the School Hall for the main event, parents, carers, staff and students nibbled on canapés, cakes and sipped cold drinks (kindly supplied by Mrs
Lisa Vernon, our wonderful Catering Academy manager) surrounded by splendid artwork (expertly curated by Ms Cookson
and Miss Bailey) and wonderfully entertained by a range of talented performing arts students. We were treated to acoustic
guitar music and ballroom dancing from Ryan Deakin and Shona and Shannon Stocks respectively; we also enjoyed the talents of pianists Gabrielle Styles and Andrew Melrose with Chloe Catherall singing beautifully.

The assembled crowd settled down in the hall to ‘Sisters’ performed by Lily Hope, Hannah Hughes and Elizabeth Lewis. Mr
Hunt, Headteacher, thanked them, and all guests present, in anticipation of an exceptional evening. Punctuating the many fabulous awards on the evening (sorry, there are simply too many to name here!) were several memorable performances: a KS3 dance ensemble, martial arts displays, a gymnastics troupe, classical ballet and a dizzying range of musical talent both vocally and instrumentally. Special thanks to The Culcheth High School Musical Theatre Group who blew us away with their ‘Cell Block Tango’ from Chicago to wrap up the evening (‘he had it coming’… don’t mess with these girls!).

As usual, the ‘compere without compare’ (and not in a good way, believe me) was Assistant Headteacher Mr P.H. Groves. The ‘jokes’, if this is what they were, were groan-worthy on an epic scale (Evidence? … last night I had an awful dream, well, it was more like a nightmare really, that I was drowning in an ocean of fizzy orangeade; when I awoke I was relieved to discover it was only a FANTA-SEA.’– cue much groaning and several tumbleweeds). It should be noted that he is not qualified for the role (as compere, not Assistant Headteacher, just to clarify he DOES have Qualified Teacher Status… just) and remains unpaid for the event.

Over 100 students received prizes celebrating their academic, pastoral, personal and sporting achievements over the last 12 months.  Our students, as always, did us proud; their colourful buttonholes a small token of our appreciation as a staff for these lovely young people. Many a proud parent, grandparent, carer, teacher, mentor and friend swelled with pride as our students collected their richly-deserved awards.

It should also be noted that this year’s awards, once again, were designed and manufactured in-house by Mr Heaton using the school’s state-of-the-art laser cutter and translucent blue perspex. They took hours to make but it was certainly worth it: a special memento to keep forever.

Many thanks to absolutely everyone who attended, and particular thanks to our Progress Leaders (Mrs Brearley, Mrs Tanner, Miss Appleby, Miss Butler and Mr Owen), Mr Welsford (Head of PE), Rotary Club representatives Mr Wilson and Mr Curry, Headteacher Mr Hunt and Chair of Governors Mr Patel for presenting the awards.

Special congratulations to Daniel Hunter and Caroline Divers on their Headteacher and Governor Awards respectively – our two highest accolades. Two thoroughly splendid young people who we wish all the very best for the future; they will do great things and we are very proud of them.

Many thanks also must go to Mrs Petre-Hoyle, Mr Morris, Mrs Quicler and Miss Longden for the long hours spent preparing the acts for Celebration Evening 2017. Finally, as ever, our thanks must go to Mrs Sullivan- simply the driving force behind the event.

Toodle pip until next year!

Mr Peter Harold Groves
Assistant Headteacher (available for all you compering needs… he’s always available, and there’s a reason for that!)

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