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To commemorate the anniversary of the Manchester Bombing on 22nd May, I suggested that we hold a ‘Yellow Day’ in school. All students and staff were invited to wear something yellow (badges,
bracelets, ribbons etc) to not only remember those who tragically lost their lives at the Ariana Grande concert, but to consider those of us who were there and still continue to suffer from the consequences of that awful night.

As someone who was there and knows of others who were there that night, it felt extremely important to me that we do something to show our respect and to also ensure that those of us that were there didn’t feel alone on this day.

The first anniversary was a difficult day for lots of people, however, Yellow Day brought us all together and made sure no one was alone during this time of tragedy, sadness, loss and grief.  Hopefully, the school will continue this day of remembrance in future years.

Morgan Hall 11Y

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