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#MyPledge – We have set our Year 10 students a challenge and we are looking forward to seeing them rise to the challenge over the next two years. Many of our students participate in a full range of activities to support and help others both in school and in the community. We are keen for all of our students to enrich and involve themselves and therefore we have asked all of Year 10 students to sign up to a range of support activities at break, lunchtime and after school. Opportunities such as subject gurus where students in Year 10 will use their knowledge to help lower school students who have struggled to understand aspects of a subject are on offer, alongside anti-bullying groups, diversity groups and first aid support for break and lunchtime. These are just some of the opportunities available in school and a large number of student support activities in the local community such as Guides, Cubs and sports groups.

Students now have a log book to record their involvement in activities that are not just for their own benefit and we will be rewarding their work based upon the number of hours they complete. Supervising staff will sign accordingly.

10 hours = Bronze           20 Hours = Silver           40 Hours = Gold           60 Hours = Platinum

Students are very excited about the opportunities available to them and we are now also looking for further engagement in the community and we are exploring ideas with some community groups, however if you have any ideas then please do not hesitate to contact.

Mrs Brearley at the school

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