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My name is Samay Prakash. I’m in Year 9 and I am very heavily involved in music. Currently, I am a member of Wigan Intermediate Brass Band and Wigan Youth Brass Band. Recently, I have just started to play in a Swing Band which does jazz and I play the drums in this band. On 3rd March, Saturday, I took part in the Rochdale Contest as part of the Wigan Intermediate Brass Band and we played some street music. We hope to be offered to play in The Symphony Hall in Birmingham. On 4th March, Sunday, I did the same with the Wigan Youth Brass Band, except we played a more challenging and demanding piece.

In years before, Wigan Youth Brass Band have done very well in this contest by making it to London and performing a great show for the audience, but unfortunately I didn’t get to experience this event as I wasn’t in the band. So, for this year, I hope we get to do the same as the band in recent years.

Samay Prakash, 9T

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