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On Monday 19th March, several Year 8 and Year 9 students attended a four-day camp with the 70 (Croft and Culcheth) Squadron Air Cadets. It was an early start on the Monday morning at HQ as we headed down in mini buses to RAF Halton which is in Buckinghamshire near London. We visited the RAF Police Squadron Dog Section at RAF Halton. We then went to RAF Halton where we were staying for the whole time in large dormitories. After having our evening meal in the mess, we went and did our basic swimming test before having some fun at the local pool.

On Tuesday, we visited RAF Brize Norton in Oxfordshire and got to go inside the A400M. In the afternoon, we visited Bletchley Park near Milton Keynes where we were given a tour and told all about its history in World War II and the importance of the codebreakers. In the evening on our return to RAF Halton, we went to Laser Quest.

On Wednesday, we visited the Imperial War Museum in Duxford in Cambridgeshire, about an hour on the minibus. It consisted of hangars and buildings that served RAF Duxford, with over a century of aviation history with hundreds of aircraft and objects on display. We got to explore in groups and buy souvenirs. In the evening we went ten-pin bowling.

On our final day, we tidied and cleaned the dormitories after breakfast before we set off for RAF Odiham in Hampshire. This is the front line support helicopter base which provides critical, rapid support for UK military operations throughout the world. RAF Odiham is home to three Chinook squadrons and one Army Air Corps (AAC) Lynx squadron. We got to go inside the Chinook helicopter on the ground, but did not get to do any flying. On our way home we grabbed some McDonalds and arrived home after the long journey to Squadron HQ at 9.30 in the evening.

Lauren Reade, 8N

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