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A year ago I joined Warrington Rowing Club, which is based on the River Mersey by Kingsway Bridge at Latchford. Twelve months later, having learned how to row in a scull boat (two blades) and trained really hard, I was very pleased to be one of the squad selected to represent Warrington in the National Junior Sculling Competition held at the 2012 Olympics venue, Dorney Lake on 24th March. I raced in the J15 4x+ (a boat containing four rowers in Year 10, who each have two blades with a cox in the stern).

The venue was an amazing place and the atmosphere was ecstatic. Despite the size of the venue, there were boats and trailers
everywhere. The feeling of passing under the Olympic rings while we were lining up to race was inspiring. Rowing is viewed as one of the hardest endurance sports so, as you might expect, it wasn’t easy-going. The race was a time-trial based on two sprints of 1800 metres each with a total distance was 3600 metres. It was the longest 13 minutes of my life. This was only my fourth race and my second with this crew.

We came 18th out of a field of 63 boats in our age group. I completely loved the experience and I cannot wait until my next national event.

Connor Lowsley 10A

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