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I first started doing mixed martial arts training when I was 12, last February. After doing it for two and a half months, I was invited onto the Leadership Programme where I started learning new techniques and grappling. Around about the same time, I got my purple white stripe belt after passing a grading. I got my purple belt two months later after passing my second grading. Then in September, I passed my third grading and got my purple black belt and moved up into the advanced class, and a month ago became a green belt.

During the summer, I was very proud be invited onto a Certified Instructor Training programme (CIT) where I will train for three years before becoming fully qualified to be an instructor. The first Saturday of every month I do a six-hour training class from 9:00am till 3:00pm where I learn a whole two-month block of curriculum which I practise in class and then, at the end of two months, get examined on. At the end of my CIT training, I will be able to pursue my dream and become a qualified instructor for my academy.

On 30th October, my Dad (who trains with me) and I completed 1000 Martial Arts Kicks each in an hour for charity and alone raised £150 for the Cystic Fibrosis and Type One Diabetes trust. I love training and look forward to earning my Black Belt in
the near future.

Shannon Witts, 9H

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