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It all started back in September 2014, when the LACA competition was launched and we were asked if any of our chefs would like to enter. Sue said no straight away but, with gentle persuasion and promise of help, she finally agreed to go for it!
Sue’s challenge was to produce a two-course meal that had to be balanced and healthy, and also couldn’t cost more than £1.60 a portion to make. The first round was at the end of October 2014 where she represented our local authority, Cheshire West. All of Sue’s details were sent and she won the heat and went through to the regional final, which is where Sue became a media superstar. The final was televised by the BBC and ITV, and shown on both North West news channels.

Sue didn’t win the final but it was an excellent achievement to reach the regional final and to receive the publicity, which she thoroughly deserved. Sue said, “I gained my love of cooking from my mum and nana over the years. They taught me the basics and I have expanded my knowledge from there”.

Here are five top tips from Sue:
1. Always have a shopping list and stick to it when food shopping
2. Never go shopping hungry
3. Always check prices sometimes it’s cheaper to buy loose
4. Bulk out your meals with lentils, pasta and rice. Cheap but filling
5. Make sure you check your fridge and cupboards and plan your meals in advance.

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