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As part of our ongoing CEIAG (Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance), Year 10 students participated in a variety of events and visits as part of their Activities Week schedule. Visits to University of Chester and Priestley College were supported with a day in school, completing a variety of activities helping students to build their own CV and practise interview skills, as well as completing an apprenticeship workshop. All of this culminated with guest speakers from a wide variety of careers industries speaking to students about their career and the pathways to success within their area.

Whilst attending the University of Chester visit, students participated in a variety of games and activities (photographed), giving them an insight into life as a student and helping them to see the different pathways of education available to them post GCSE study. Students appeared to find the student finance game particularly interesting and challenging.

The Priestley College visit was useful for students, providing them with an insight into the college, as well as the Key Stage 5 options available to students within Warrington and the surrounding area. Tours of the college, and meet and greet sessions with college tutors and current students helped students find out as much as they need to know about life as a Priestley
College student.

Thursday saw students remain in school and participate in two separate workshops, each linked to helping them plan and prepare for their future career including building their own CV and gaining some valuable interview skills and experience. Students also attended an Apprenticeship Workshop helping them to understand the types and levels of apprenticeships available to them within Warrington and the surrounding area, as well as how to search and apply for apprenticeships,
should they choose this pathway for post-GCSE.

On Thursday afternoon, we had a large number of guest speakers in school to chat with students about their chosen career and pathway to success within that industry. Students opted into the session most appealing to them, whether this be the Forces, Professional Media Make-Up, NHS services, Law, opportunities available with the National Citizens Service and a further session on Apprenticeships. Students found the sessions both enjoyable and informative, further helping them with planning and decision-making for their future career pathway.

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