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As part of Culcheth High School’s comprehensive programme of careers guidance, Year 10 students travelled to Cambridge on a two day fact-finding mission.

Monday began with a treasure hunt aimed at enlightening students about some of the history and customs behind this iconic city. In the evening, students dined in the college hall of Sidney Sussex College before taking in some more breath-taking sights, including Kings College. Tired from a long journey, students retired to their university accommodation in preparation for the next day.

Treated to a full English breakfast, courtesy of the university award-winning chef, students were ready for a day of enlightenment. Dr David Beckingham presented an academic taster session based on his research which is currently being prepared for publication. The beautifully tended gardens of Sidney Sussex then provided a peaceful backdrop for a session on admissions policy and procedure by Dr Kirsten Dickers.

Students illustrated their keen interest in progressing to higher education at a Russell Group university with a series of well thought out questions. A guided tour by two undergraduates concluded our time at this prestigious university. A last dash around the city allowed

for a little retail therapy and one final opportunity to take in some of the sites. The students returned home with a much better understanding of higher education and are now in a position to make more informed choices in the future.

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