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As part of our Religious Studies GCSE course, a group of Year 10 students went to Edge Hill University to take part in a “British
Values Study Day”. This event was a huge success and the students thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to take part and experience what life is like on a university campus.

The RE PGCE trainees at Edge Hill had put together a comprehensive programme of study for the day that meant the students were able to take part in a range of different activities. Our day started off with a Sikh Langar – cake and biscuits, perfect! The focus of the day was linked to the current Refugee Crisis and the devastating impact that this is having on the lives of refugee families. Students were required to think critically about this situation and debate the ethics around whether we, as a country, should provide refuge.

The staff at Edge Hill facilitated this excellently and provided our students with a range of information that allowed them to make informed judgements. The day was finished off with students creating their own ‘cohesive communities’ and presenting these back – so many of their ideas were fascinating and intriguing! The work that our students completed, linked nicely with the “Community Cohesion” they are currently studying and part of their GCSE and therefore they all found this to be extremely beneficial.

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