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On Friday 23rd September, the Year 11 GCSE Drama class visited the Empire Theatre in Liverpool to see Blood Brothers. This is a set text and the class has already studied it and completed a practical exam on the play. The entire group of students were very excited to take their seats in the stalls especially because we had an encouraging shout out from Laura Harrison, one of the cast members, via Mr Hunt’s twitter profile!

Despite the students already having a wealth of knowledge of the play, they were blown away by the production and were amazed by how the script they had studied came to life on stage. Willy Russell’s play is set in Liverpool and there is something quite magical about seeing it in the city of origin. It was incredibly touching to see the impact that the tragic and emotional ending had on every member of the class, even though they knew how the play concluded. Lots of tissues were passed around in that final scene but in spite of the tears, we were all unanimous in our thoughts that the show and the performances were
fantastic. A great time was had by all!

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