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On 14th September, the triple science class went to Anglesey in Wales for our Biology Field course trip. Our first activity was a plankton trawl, where we all went out on a boat which we were lucky enough to drive, and attempted to catch as much plankton as we could, and we even caught a jellyfish! Afterwards, we took the plankton to the labs at the Conway Centre to observe it under a microscope.

On the second day, we visited two beaches, one sheltered and one exposed, to investigate the organisms that had inhabited the shores. The organisms that we investigated were various species of seaweed found on the sand and small sea creatures found on rocks known as dog whelks. We then measured these to compare them with the other beach whilst being surrounded by the Welsh countryside and lovely weather.

On the final day, we had the opportunity to visit the Bangor School of Ocean Sciences where we had a tour of the university including their high tech labs, various work places, amazing data collecting machinery and even their aquarium. We also had a lecture from the head of school in one of their fantastic lecture theatres. The trip was very educational and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Davina Mellows

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