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James Davies, Adam Swift and Matthew Middlehurst were personally invited by Google down to the BETT Show on 25th January 2019 at London Excel Exhibition Centre which is the biggest education technology show in the UK. They were asked by Google to present another version of their superb and compelling “Leveraging Efficiencies of the Cloud using Google – A Student’s Perspective” which they presented at the ‘Google On Tour’ event held at the school in November 2018.

All three students worked hard on their presentation, improving and tailoring how they delivered them. At the BETT Show Teaching Theatre, the students provided an excellent presentation to around 100 education guests and visitors, including Google representatives. They received a huge round of applause from the audience and really did show how well we use the Google products as a school and showcased our school ethos of respect, honesty and excellence.

It was brilliant to watch our students and the interaction they have with school software and how it has helped their education, making their learning at school easier.  They all had superb presentation skills and should feel proud that they kept their nerve and delivered such a great presentation, contributing to the BETT Show in such a professional manner.

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