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Culcheth High Sschool hosted year 6 students from Newchurch Primary School for a morning cooking up Mrs Keene’s Halloween recipes.

There were cobwebs and cakes galore as Mrs Keene and Mr Brown welcomed thirty Year 6 students from Newchurch Primary School for a Halloween inspired food technology challenge – The Great Newchurch Menu. This was the second of Newchurch’s subject specific theme days that are being held throughout the year where students will work collaboratively to undertake a range of themed tasks to develop key skills in one particular subject.
The challenge for the Year 6 students was, using unfamiliar equipment and within a strict time limit, to successfully bake a number of terrifyingly tasty cobweb cupcakes. This required them to carefully weigh out ingredients, precisely follow instructions and delicately decorate the cakes with the spooky design.
Mrs Keene was delighted by the standard of work that the students produced, “The finished results were excellent and all pupils worked with effort and enthusiasm throughout the session. It was a most enjoyable experience for all involved.”
We once again enjoyed the opportunity to work with students from Newchurch, giving them the chance to use our fantastic facilities, whilst further developing the links between the two schools. The next theme day is focussed on maths and we look forward to experiencing ‘A Sense of Number’.

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