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On 18th March, George Moss, Charlotte Willan, Joe Fitzsimmons and I, got the amazing opportunity to film with BBC News Northwest and talk to Professor Tim O’Brien at Jodrell Bank on the solar eclipse, as part of the BBC School News Report.

We started the day by being greeted by the producer and cameraman; they explained what was going to happen over the course of the day and what was expected from us. Whilst filming, the cameraman made us take the shot from different angles so that the interview looked more professional. After it was over, we took a walk around Jodrell Bank to see the other part of the news team setting up for Stargazing Live and we also watched the telescope move.

The experience of seeing how the interview gets pieced together is unbelievable, since they have such little time to do the job. Personally, this was my favourite part of the day as I aspire to be a journalist when I’m older and this day has really helped me put into perspective what an amazing, yet difficult, job it would be. To top off the fantastic week, we then got to see the final interview broadcasted on BBC News Northwest.
Katy O’Dwyer 9T

BBC School News Report has also given all of our Year 9 students the exciting opportunity of writing real news stories to a real audience. You can read some of their articles via the link on the school website.
Mrs Spencer, Teacher of English

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