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Why is good attendance important?

Good attendance and punctuality are vital for success at school, and to establish positive life skills that are necessary for future success.

Regular attendance allows students to:
- Build Friendships,
- Reduce risk of anti-social behaviour,
- Develop life skills,
- Enjoy academic success through engaging in learning.

Even one day missed can have a negative effect on learning:
-80% attendance over a school year means your child misses a whole year of education over five years.
-85% attendance means that 29 school days, nearly six weeks, or 145 lessons are missed over a year.
-90% attendance means 19 school days, four weeks or 95 lessons are missed over a year.

The government classes students with less than 90% attendance as persistently absent.

Together we work with families, Warrington Borough Council and a vast network of support services to refer and point families to so they can receive the support they need. Early help will be offered to families to support with attendance at school but families can also self-refer (

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