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Should I allow my child to miss school if ill?

Many students have time off school for illnesses that are manageable at school with the help of over the counter medication e.g. headaches, colds, muscle pain etc. If your child presents as ill at home, you should go to the local pharmacy and ask for the appropriate medication. Please then contact school with the required information, we can monitor your child and issue any medication in line with your instructions. It is rare for pupils who take the decision to try to manage their illness through the school day have to be sent home, but of course if this is necessary school will contact parents/carers to make the necessary arrangements. Often school can be a helpful distraction and students not missing out on the ideas they are exposed to in lessons is a great help when they are fully fit and well again.

There will be times when it is not appropriate to send your child into school. Serious illness is best managed at home. We would, however, expect that if your child is too ill to attend school that there would be a parent at home to take care of them. Also, if there is a pattern of previous absence, school may well ask for medical evidence. This could be doctor’s appointment, prescription or medication.

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