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On Friday 26th February, the Manchester Actors’ Company visited Culcheth High School with their touring production of J.B Priestley’s play, “An Inspector Calls”. The play, studied for GCSE English Literature, was written in 1945 and is set in 1912. The play revolves around an affluent family whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of the mysterious Inspector. It highlights key themes such as capitalism and inequality in society, and could be applied to today’s world events.

The performance consisted of four actors (two playing multi-roles) with the bare minimum set and props. The play itself was shorter than the original script but the key scenes and themes were represented by the amateur company, who after the production, gave a Q & A and hot seating activity to allow students to gain a better knowledge and understanding of the characters. The performance was given mixed reviews but it gave us an excellent opportunity to see the play we had been studying and to gain a better understanding of the meaning within the play and a precise knowledge of the characters and their motives. It was certainly beneficial to me, and I hope other year groups also get the opportunity to gain the extra knowledge like we did.

Lucca Chadwick-Patel, 11U

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