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As part of the Future in Mind initiative, Warrington Borough Council recently conducted a PSHE survey with our current Year 7 students, aimed at identifying areas in which we as a school could improve or develop in order to help us support our students mental health and well-being.

The survey covered information gathering around a number of PSHE-related areas, including diet, weight, activity levels, smoking, transition to high school, how happy our students are, what they are most worried about, etc.

It was pleasing to note that the majority of students feel that they have been well-supported during their transition to Culcheth High School, are happy with their lives as a whole and don’t worry too much about the issues which may lead to mental health problems.

The results can be viewed below:

Question 1 - How many times did you eat or drink any of the following?
Question 2 - Thinking back to last week, how often did you do something active?
Question 3 - Please tick the statement that describes you best
Question 4 - Please tick the statement that describes you best
Question 5 - What do you know about e-cigarettes
Question 6 - Where would you prefer to get most of your information about sex and relationships?
Question 7 - How happy are you with the following things in your life?
Question 8 - How much do you worry about the things listed below?
Question 9. What did you think about the quality of the school's transition support offered by your school?
Question 10 - What do you know about the school nurse?
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