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After seven meetings at the Leigh Sports Village and Victoria Park venues, we returned this year to our “home” playing fields, for the first time since moving into the new building in 2010. This change of venue enabled us to run the events one year group at a time, which really gave the students a sense of just how well their team was faring against the other house teams, both event by event and throughout the competition.

The day got off to a great start, with Arianna Jefford breaking the Year 9 girls’ 200m record, in a time of 30.9secs, shaving 0.1secs off the previous mark. In fact, our Year 9 girls dominated the record-breaking this year, with Taryn Follows Shot Putt of 8m 14cm beating the previous record by a massive 52cms, and Olivia Hawkins adding 6cm to the Year 9 girls’ Long Jump record – hitting the 4.00m mark for the first time in the school’s history!

The boys were not to be left out however, with the 200m records broken by both Keith Newby and Joel Dennison. Keith lowered the Year 7 record by 0.38secs and Joel lowered the Year 8 mark by an even more impressive 0.62secs. Our final best ever performance of the day was achieved by Jacob Bourdet of Year 7, who equalled the 400m record of Jack Coats by clocking 1min 08secs.

With forty new records having being set in the previous 3 years alone, and 100 performers having now competed in each event over the last 12 years, it really is a great achievement for the above students to have taken further time off or added distance to our previous best performances. When you also take into account the fact that the recent poor weather has made our track and run up areas soft, and therefore slow, these really are fantastic performances from our new record holders!

As the morning sessions progressed, event after event saw some very closely contested races, throws and jumps, with photo finishes having to be employed in several of the track events to sort out the winners and finishing places. Whilst all event winners performed superbly, there were some really stand out performances from the following students, who were crowned school champions in both the events they entered.

Year 7
Jess Oldknow – 300m and Shot Putt
Mikey Wilkinson – 1500m and Discus
Ben Wright – 100m and High Jump

Year 8
Shaun Jones – 100m and Shot Putt
Dan Kinsella – 1500m and Discus

Year 9
Olivia Hawkins – 800m and Long Jump
Luke Monaghan – 400m and Discus
Connor McLeod-Upton – 100m and Long Jump

Year 10
Hannah Grundy – 100m and 800m
Joshua Webb – 200m and Long Jump
Paige Wright – 200m and Shot Putt

As the final 4x100m relay race brought the meeting to a close, the final results were being collated by Mr Bolton. A fantastic day’s competition had led to new Sports Day Champions for Culcheth High School:

Champions Wimbledon 966pts
Runner-up Headingley 912pts
rd Place Ascot 881pts
th Place Twickenham 765pts

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