Excellence in Teaching Programme

Programme Description

The purpose of the programme is to develop excellence in teaching practice. Participants will have the opportunity to: investigate the components of outstanding teaching and learning; share outstanding and outstanding practice with colleagues; consider a range of teaching and learning strategies; and undertake personal reflection and planning through an audit and recording of skills.

Key Elements

  • The characteristics of outstanding teaching and learning
  • Challenge and Engagement
  • Assessment
  • Questioning
  • Differentiation
  • Outstanding Teaching and Learning Strategies

Programme Structure

  • Session One: Challenge and Engagement (Full Day)
  • Session Two: Assessment (Full Day)
  • Session Three: Questioning and Differentiation (Full-day)
  • Session Four: School-based Coaching Session (Full Day)
  • Session Five: Outstanding Teaching and Learning (Half-day)

Cohort Three: 4th February 2014 – 22nd April 2014

Cohort Four: 11th February 2014 – 29th April 2014