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Davina Mellows – Head Girl

On 1st October 2015, Culcheth High School held its annual Open Evening which was a great success. At the start of the evening, after performing with the Culcheth High School Musical Theatre Group, I was lucky enough to greet the children and their parents as they entered the main hall for the presentation. Being in the hall at the Open Evening was a very different experience for me, as the last time I was in the hall at Open Evening, I was in Year 6. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the presentation and delivering my speech to both audiences, but also listening to the speeches of the other head students, Ruby from Year 8, Mr Lamble and Mr Hunt. After the final presentation was over, I went to drama for the rest of the evening, to perform various routines from both Jersey Boys and We Will Rock You. Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening.

Hannah Mitchell – Deputy Head Girl

If you’ve ever attended or helped out at our Open Evening, you’ll know just how busy it is. For the first time this year, I got to experience life away from all the action, in the Headteacher’s presentation. A few nerves were starting to build up as we practised in the, then empty, hall but as soon as the parents and students rushed in, the worries disappeared. Greeting everyone as they came through the hall doors helped to give a real insight into the magnitude of people that were there. We waited patiently until it was our turn to deliver our prepared speeches, before doing it all over again for the second presentation. On exiting the hall, I began to offer my services as a tour guide. I only took one family on a tour as there was just so much to do in each department. It was fantastic seeing the pupil’s face light up at the prospect of doing new sports in PE, cool experiments in science or learning all about the war in history. In every subject, I saw the visitors actively participating and wanting to find out more about life here. By the end of the evening, we were all exhausted, but feeling a deep sense of satisfaction and pride. All in all, another fantastic Opening Evening had by Culcheth High School.

Ben Livingston – Deputy Head Boy

Recently, I was given the opportunity to speak at the school’s Open Evening. At first, the prospect of speaking in front of many parents and potential pupils made me very nervous. However, when the time came to give my speech, I felt in my element and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I spoke about the extra-curricular activities available at the school and how much I, and many other students, have benefited from these fantastic opportunities. I’d like to also say thank you to all those involved in the evening for promoting the school outstandingly.

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