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Microsoft Office 365 for all Students, Parents and Carers.

We have some exciting news at Culcheth High School. We have been working on getting the latest version of Office available to all of our parents, carers and students free of charge via the school licence agreement we have.

The product is called Microsoft Office 365 and we have set it up so you can download your own version of Microsoft Office 2016 for any machine you use at home.

To login to the Office 365 Portal please click here

How to Install…

Please follow the links below which will assist you with installing Office 365 onto a Windows PC or an Apple Computer.  There are links to the Google Play and the Apple App Store to help you download Office 365 to your mobile device.


For further assistance and guidance, please visit Microsoft Office 365

If you still experiencing problems with the installation, please email 365support

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