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Week commencing 21st June 2021 – Week 1

Coming up This Week

MyED CHS App: Our software provider has released a new update this week and we have experienced a few bugs with our Apple iOS users. We are working closely with the app development team to resolve any issues.  Some users may be experiencing the following errors:

–      Notifications for new messages, but no messages in the ‘messages’ tab.

–      Multiple messages but out of date or in an incorrect order

In either of these cases, please reinstall the app and check that you are running version 3.2.1 This can be checked by opening the app and clicking the three horizontal menu lines in the top right hand corner. This will show the current App Version.  From this menu, please also click ‘Sync Data’ to update your messages and notifications.

Lateral Flow Testing: Following the success of the asymptomatic testing programme on the return to school in March, it is vital to keep testing at home throughout the summer term.
Continue to test twice a week at home (all those who are able to). It is recommended that tests are conducted on Wednesdays and Sundays.
Report results online as positive, negative or void. This information is critical in helping to understand the prevalence of the virus across the country

Water Bottles: With the onset of the warmer weather, can students please be reminded to bring a reusable water bottle to school.

Year 9 Geography: students will have their final QMA during the week of 5th The QMA will assess Tropical Rainforests and key words from Rivers, Ecosystems and Tropical Rainforests. Students should complete their Tropical Rainforests revision booklet as homework each week to help them prepare for this QMA.

Year 10: Week commencing 21st June is PPE week; please ensure students arrive promptly to school each day with the correct exam equipment, following exam hall protocols.

Year 10 English: In September, current Year 10 students will be studying ‘An Inspector Calls’. They will need their own copy to annotate during lessons. The English Department recommend the following version. ‘An Inspector Calls’ by J.B. Priestley ISBN: 9780141185354

A revision guide and workbook can be purchased to support students in consolidating their knowledge of the text but these aren’t essential. If you would like to purchase them, the following versions are advised.

‘An Inspector Calls’ GCP Study Guide ISBN: 9781841461151  ‘An Inspector Calls’ CGP Workbook ISBN: 9781782947769 Pupil Premium students will be given their own copies.

Extra-Curricular Sport: This is a reminder about the after-school extra-curricular sport sessions that are running throughout the week, from 3.00-4.00pm. Year 7 – Tuesdays; Year 9 – Wednesdays; Years 8 & 10 – Thursdays. Students simply have to turn up, pick an activity and enjoy themselves!
Pride Month: This is held every June to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. Worldwide, celebrations include pride parades, picnics, parties, etc. and LGBTQ+ Pride Month events attract millions each year. The purpose of the commemorative month is to recognise the impact that members of the LGBTQ+ community have had on history locally, nationally and internationally.  As part of this recognition, on Friday 25th June 2021, CHS will celebrate Pride

Thought for This Week

Diversity (LGBT Awareness)


Flag for This Week

Union Jack

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