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• Reminder to parents Monday Week 2: Monday 28th September is a Monday Week 2 and therefore school will finish at 2pm whilst our staff undertake training and development. School buses will depart at 2.15pm.

• Save the Date: Virtual Open Evening for prospective Year 6 students coming soon….Thursday 8th October 2020. We look forward to showcasing our online event.

• Pupil Premium Virtual Information Evening 30th September: Email link will be sent to all Pupil Premium parents to view the presentation delivered by the PP Team. This evening will be pre-recorded ready for you to watch at your convenience.

• Year 11 Business Studies: students will be receiving a letter over the next week about purchasing revision guides through ParentPay. The revision guide will be Pearson EDEXCEL Business Studies (9-1) Revision Guide priced at £6.10.

• Year 11 After School Timetable: As part of the catch up provision for Year 11, our afterschool sessions will begin w/c 5th Oct. Please use the ‘Year 11 Notices’ page of our website for the timetable. We have continued with a two-week timetable in order to reduce clashes between subjects as much as possible, however they are unfortunately unavoidable. Students need to prioritise subjects they require the most support in, or those that directly relate to subject choices at college next year. Students should be directed to the study area (library) at break and lunchtimes for further independent study. Parents can also access the GCSE Parents Information Evening presentation via this page too.

• Mask-wearing: Thank you to all parents/students for supporting the school in wearing masks in all communal areas and line-ups etc, following the introduction of further restrictions in Warrington this week. Please may this continue.

• Travelling to/from school: Could parents please remind students that whilst walking to/from school, they should be observing the guidance regarding social distancing.

• Assessments at CHS: The QMA information for this academic year is now live on the school website and has been emailed to parents. Click below to see the QMA Calendar for your child’s year group
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
Year 10
Year 11

• Assessments at CHS: If you would like to understand more about how your children are learning in class, what a QMA (Quality Marked Assessment) is and what the marks mean, there is more detailed guidance here:
Year 7 – 8 Assessment Guide
Year 9 Assessment Guide
Year 10 – 11 Assessment Guide

• COVID Restrictions: Please see the attached information to help you understand more about how the curriculum work will be set by Culcheth High School if additional restrictions are placed on schools and we have to move to new ‘Tiers’ of restrictions. CHS Learning Curriculum Guide.

• COVID students self-isolating: If your child is self-isolating now or in the future, remote learning work will always be available immediately on Google Drive (please note this is not Google Classroom). Google Drive is an internet-based file-sharing service we use in school. All your child/children will need to do when a period of self-isolation begins is:

1. Have access to any internet ready device (contact us at school for support if this is an issue)
2. Log into their School Google account eg
3. Click the Google Drive option in the menu
4. Click on the Shared Drives option
5. Choose Student Resources from the list
6. Click on their year group
7. Click on the folder called ‘work for students self-isolating’
8. In here is a folder for every subject containing work to be completed
9. Work can be submitted to class teachers during isolation via Gmail, if the teacher has set a Google Classroom assignment or on their return to lessons

This work has also been linked to a section of our website (click here
Again this work will only be viewable when the person accessing the site is logged in to Google with the school Google account

• Reminder: Please ensure your child comes to school fully equipped with all equipment (pencil case, PE kit, glasses, lunch, lunch money etc). There is a reduced capacity to pass messages and forgotten equipment to students, and COVID-19 regulations restrict the passing of resources and equipment.

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