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In every subject a student has a target grade for the subject.

In Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 8) targets are set as a percentage score. The target is the percentage that should be reached or exceeded by the end of Year 8.

In Key Stage 4 (Year 9 -11) targets are set as GCSE Grades. The target is the grade that should be reached or exceed by the end of Year 11.

During a school year, there are four key reporting points for most year groups.  These reporting points will tell you how your child is progressing towards their targets:

  • A Progress Review – Four times a year. One per term and a final summary of the year issued at the start of the following academic year.
  • Annual Achievement and Progress Report – Once a year in Summer Term (earlier in Year 11)

Reporting Dates 2018-19

A Progress Review details the grades for all the subjects your child studies. It will show the target percentage or grade for each subject and the marks they have achieved in their QMAs.

Quality Marked Assessments are the key assessment milestones in a subject. Many of these assessments are now exams that require revision, the rest will be composed of class based assignments and practical assessments; where practical work is more applicable for the subject.

Each QMA provides the students with an opportunity to review if they are “on track” to reach their target grades.  In the back of the Student Planner, where students glue their Progress Reviews, is the CHS ‘On Track’ Ladder. Students and parents can use this to track student progress towards their Target Grades overtime. Both images below are taken from the student planners.

Graphic from KS3 Planner

Graphic from KS4 Planner

Annual Achievement and Progress Reports are more detailed than a Progress Review. The annual report, includes grades to quantify how a student approaches learning in each subject, attendance data, and a personalised written report from your child’s teacher. Presented alongside the progress and achievement data, this report helps families to see which subject areas may require more attention and focus and possible reasons why.

Progress Reviews can now be sent directly to your smart phone. If you have been an app user for a while now you will know that this is the way we are communicating with parents. All school “text messages” go direct to the app. When a Progress Review is released, we will send you a link direct to the app for you to click on and review at your leisure. Please note the Progress Review link can only be sent to the parent registered as Priority 1 parent on our school systems. If you do not have a compatible device to use the app, most of its features are available on our school website and we are happy to email Progress Reviews to you directly if you let us know.

Please click for information on downloading the CHS App

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