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On Friday 5th February, Miss Stebel, Mrs Wilkinson and Miss Giblin accompanied 30 very excited, perfectly-behaved Year 9 and 10 students to a performance of Macbeth at Home Theatre in Manchester. The visit was planned to complement the new GCSE specification and the students certainly gained a deeper understanding of the plot and the characters.

Boasting a new, impressive building, Home Theatre was a treat to visit; the small stage and minimal yet effective set changes provided an intimate setting to enjoy the drama of Shakespeare! The performance had it all: original Shakespearean language weaved brilliantly with modern costume and contemporary dance. In particular, the infamous three witches provided mesmerising entertainment as they subtly controlled the action on the stage. The use of freeze frame and dramatic lighting enhanced the more poignant parts of the play, including all the key quotations that the students will need to know for their exam (if they don’t already!).

Shakespeare’s plays are always best enjoyed live and this adaptation didn’t disappoint. We all had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed the show.

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