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Parental Engagement: Homework on Google Classroom

We have some exciting developments to share with Parents and Carers regarding checking and monitoring Homework and Classwork through Google Classroom for your child or children at Culcheth High School.  We have 2 options for you to view Homework and Classwork this is how they will work.

If you are having any further issues please email us at

Summary Option: Google Guardian

We will add your email to the Guardian list, please note we will be rolling this out Year group by Year group, you will receive an email from Google to allow you to choose how you want these reports to be presented to you. You will receive an email like this:

Once accepted you will start be given when you want the notifications to email you, weekly or monthly or no summaries

You will then receive a confirmation email of your choices

You will then receive email summaries of work allocated, completed, missed and late like below:

We will be using a product called Google Guardians to email out a weekly or monthly summary of your child’s classwork in all subjects, this is a summarised approach. The Google support page can be found at

Detailed Option: Google Classroom App

This software is App based and will work with devices such as iPhones, iPads/ Android and Google devices

To get this software you can download this directly from your App/Play Store, please follow the links below:

IOS: download

Google Play: download

Chrome Web Store Extension: download

Find the App by typing Google Classroom

The link should usually be at the top and should have the Google Classroom logo

Once you have download the App, load it up and you will see this screen, click GET STARTED

Click Add Account

Work with your child to enter the username and password of their school account which ends with

Choose if you would like Google Classroom to send you notifications to your device

Now you will see all the classes your child has in their planner, you will also see if any assignments for Homework and classwork have been set

Clicking into an individual class will show you the content of that class so you can see all work set

Clicking onto the assignment will bring up the detail of the work that’s been set along with any attachments

This is the attachment of the classwork as an example

If you wish to log out of the account go back to the classroom view and click the 3 lines in the top right

If you click on your child email address and go to Manage accounts

You will see the following screen click MANAGE in the top right

Click Remove to remove this account

Confirm removing the account

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