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Key Stage 4 Curriculum

In order to meet the needs of individual students and operate effectively in a world of rapid change, flexibility is essential and a broad range of skills is vital. We aim during the 14-16 period to provide individual learning that will incorporate a broad and balanced range of academic and vocational courses and experiences.

Choices for year 9 are made in the context of opportunities available after Year 11 and beyond. In key stage 4, learners are able to follow programmes that could allow them to:

  • Continue their general studies in core subjects and in those subjects which mirror their strengths and interests;
  • Combine their general studies with some broad vocational study if desirable
  • Combine their studies in school with work based learning (Workskills)

Key Stage 4 Curriculum statutory curriculum requirements for all:

  • English Language & English Literature (WJEC)
  • Mathematics (Edexcel)
  • Science, Additional Science & Applied Science (Edexcel)
  • Biology, Chemistry & Physics (Edexcel)
  • Computing (All KS4 computing complete by the end of Year 9)
  • Physical Education (Edexcel)
  • Personal Development (Sex and Relationships Education, Religious Education & Citizenship)

Additional Compulsory Elements

  • The school makes available the four entitlement areas (arts, design and technology, humanities, modern foreign languages)
  • Work Related Learning
  • Careers education
  • Entitlement to have access to a course of study in science leading to either two separate GCSEs, in Science and Additional Science or three separate GCSEs in physics, chemistry and biology

The Optional Curriculum

In addition to the statutory curriculum, learners will have opportunities to follow courses in optional choices which meet their individual needs. This incorporates the entitlement areas.

  • Art (Edexcel)
  • Art Textiles (Edexcel)
  • Business Studies (AQA)
  • Catering (WJEC)
  • Child Development (Home Economics) (WJEC)
  • Drama (Edexcel)
  • Design Technology with Product Design (AQA)
  • French (Edexcel)
  • Geography (AQA)
  • History (WJEC)
  • Information Technology (AQA)
  • Media (AQA)
  • Music (Edexcel)
  • Physical Education (Edexcel)
  • Religious Studies (Edexcel)
  • Spanish (Edexcel)
  • Work Skills (Edexcel)

Year 10 Timetable

Year 10: timetable organised on a 25 period week of 1 hour periods

year10 Key Stage 4

Year 11 Timetable

Year 11: timetable organised on a 25 period week of 1 hour periods

year11 Key Stage 4

KS4 Options Booklet

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