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Media Staff

  • Miss J Giblin
  • Mr A Nolan
  • Mrs C Spencer

Purpose of study

The current AQA GCSE Media Studies course attracts an increasingly large number of students every year because it makes learning interesting, challenging, creative and fun. It offers rigorous but accessible learning on a subject of key importance for young people’s understanding of the world they experience.

It offers:
• Extensive and meaningful coverage of media theory and practice.
• Practical work which integrates theories and concepts.
• The chance to study across a range of different media.
• Opportunities to learn about real media products and industries.

Unit 1 is externally assessed and requires candidates to investigate a pre-released media topic and to undertake research and planning in order to respond to four tasks. The topic for Unit 1 will change each year.

Unit 2 comprises three controlled assessments which require candidates to build on their understanding of the media key concepts for their own pre-production planning, leading to a realised production for
Assignment 3.

Key Concepts
GCSE Media Studies uses four major concepts which form the basis of the subject content.
• Media Language: forms and conventions
• Institutions
• Audience
• Representation

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