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In every subject a student has a target grade.

In Key Stage 3 (Year 7 – 8) targets are set as a percentage score. The target is the percentage that should be reached or exceeded by the end of Year 8.

Year 9, for this academic year (following the COVID-19 disruption to learning), will continue with percentage targets. This will allow our youngest GCSE students to consolidate their learning from Key Stage 3 and then start to experience the foundations of GCSE study. There will be no ‘On Track’ Ladder for Year 9 students. Every student should aim to hit or exceed their percentage target in all QMAs. The assessment content will be more challenging in Year 9, therefore to reach or exceed these targets will represent a lot of hard work for our students.

In Key Stage 4 (Year 10 -11) targets are set as GCSE Grades. The target is the grade that should be reached or exceed by the end of Year 11.

Three times (once per term) you will receive an Achievement and Progress Report. This report will provide information on your child’s attendance, behaviour in lessons and learning scores as well as an assessment score for each subject that term. The final report of the year will include additional reporting information on the contributions to wider school life via a pastoral report from your child’s form tutor.

Reporting Dates 2020-21

Year 7 – 8

Autumn TermFriday 11th December
Spring TermFriday 26th March
Summer TermThursday 1st July
Year 9 – 10

Autumn TermFriday 4th December
Spring TermFriday 5th March
Summer TermThursday 1st July
Year 11

Autumn Term 1Friday 13th November
Autumn Term 2Friday 15th January
Spring Term Friday 19th March

The Achievement and Progress Reports will detail one assessment grade per subject per term. All assessments completed in the classroom are called QMAs (Quality Marked Assessments). At GCSE level (In Year 10 and Year 11)  students will also sit PPEs (Pre-Public Exams) as part of the assessment calendar.

Please click the links below to see more guidance and information on target grades and assessment at Culcheth High School.

Please note how Year 9 targets are set this year has changed to support student learning following the COVID-19 disruption.  Please refer to this letter sent to all Year 9 Parents at the start of term and the more detailed Year 9 assessment guidance here.

For a more detailed guide to assessment at Culcheth high school click here

Every student is an individual and their target grades are personalised to them.  Each assessment provides the students with an opportunity to review if they are “on track” to reach their target grades.  In the back of the Student Planner (Pages 121 – 122), is the CHS ‘On Track’ Ladder. Students and parents can use this to track student progress towards their Target Grades overtime. Both images below are taken from the student planners.

Graphic from KS3 Planner

Graphic from KS4 Planner

Distribution of Achievement and Progress Reports

On the reporting dates, listed above, students will be issued with a paper copy of their report during their morning Ready to Learn session with their tutor. Students will record these scores into their planner. Over the next week, the assessment scores will be reviewed and discussed to check if they are on, below or above track in their subjects.

Students will bring the paper copy home to parents; we will contact you to let you know they are coming home.

Achievement and Progress Reports will be sent directly to your smart phone, via the school MyEd App.

All school “text messages” go direct to the app.  On the day reports are issued, you will receive an in app notification/message from the school for you to click on and review at your leisure. Please note the Achievement and Progress Reports link can only be sent to the parent registered as Priority 1 parent on our school systems.

If you do not have a compatible device to use the app, most of its features are available on our school website and we are happy to email Achievement and Progress Reports to you directly if you let us know.

Please click for information on downloading the CHS App

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