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We’ve all seen recently on the news that mental illness, particularly depression, has been predicted to be one of the major health burdens of the coming decades.  Considering that depression is one of the main causes of chronic illness in the developed world, Culcheth High School aims to provide our students with an understanding of their mental health and the impact that poor mental health can have upon their studies, careers, future.

Currently the mental health support in schools mainly focuses on providing support for children with existing mental illness, rather than providing general mental health education for all pupils. This is particularly important at secondary school age since it is estimated that 50% of lifetime mental illness first presents itself by the age of 14. With this in mind, the Government has introduced the ‘Future in Mind’ initiative, and Culcheth High School will be working closely with Warrington BC and the Warrington NHS Clinical Commissioning Group to develop and implement an emotional health and wellbeing transformation plan that outlines how we will deliver on the recommendations made in the national guidance between 2015 and 2020.

As a first step towards raising awareness of good mental health with our students, staff delivered a range of resources to students during Tutor Time, and KOOTH.COM and Warrington Youth Service were in school during Monday and Tuesday lunchtimes to raise awareness of the support offered externally also.


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